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The Water Project

Water connects all matter in the Universe.
Understanding Our Connection is Imperative.

The Earth is a living organism that reflects the wholeness and balance of the human race. In the physical world our rain and waters must be clean and unpolluted if they are to continue enabling life. In light of increasing global catastrophes the call for action is NOW….. The silent drama of change is upon us. We must change our basic thinking patterns and altar our worldview. We can make a difference, if we as a collective pull together. Our waters to be clean and free of future pollution will require a strong commitment toward achieving that goal. How, you may ask is this possible? We begin at the basic beginning, what is our understanding of Water and our connection to it?

Let us reflect upon water!

At this time water accounts for about 95% of the fertilized egg, in other words, it is almost water. The amount of water in a matured human body is 70%. The Earth is called the Water Planet and about 70% of its surface is covered with water.”

Water carries messages of vibration. This statement alone can make you shake your head and say what are you talking about? How can this be and if so what does it mean exactly?

The bodies of water that we are surrounded with carry the collective energies gathered along the pathways it travels. This in itself is a powerful statement considering what is happening all around us. How do we know that water carries messages of vibration, can this be proven? Not totally from a scientific mode, however if you take a close look at the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto you will begin to form a different view point about our connection to Water. In his bookDr. Masaru Emoto’s, Hidden Messages from Water , contains the world’s first pictures of frozen water crystals. What Dr Emoto’s message of water is telling us, “it is the THOUGHT OR INTENT that is the driving force that changes the water.”

What is a water crystal?

A water crystal is a manifestation of vibration. Water carries messages of vibration. As illustrated in the pictures within Dr. Emoto’s books. Mozart, Beethoven, shows the most beautiful water crystals. Think of the water crystals in your body. How is the music you listen to affecting you?

Our water is a global responsibility and we must hold a vision of her pristine beauty always. This is vital in light of the current toxic situations occurring in New Orleans , to hold on strong and know we can make a difference.

We MUST link our energies together to Bless the Water’s of the Planet collectively with scientific prayer, connect to the world wide movement and treat our Environment with deep Gratitude and Respect.

We have serious environmental problems that have to be addressed NOW.

The Water Project is the link to forming a local unified group and well as a global networking of events.

Be inspired and join in.


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