How a Consultation Works

Rose Lettiere's consultation involves a three-step process toward a solution. Rose explores the relationship of person to place. During her consultations she investigates the configuration and content of the space under consideration, then analyzes it in relation to those inhabiting that space. Part scientist, part artist, part healer, and always with laser sharp precision, she isolates design flaws that create imbalances and provides simple solutions effectively with powerful results.

During the first step Rose assists you in the identification of your goals. The more specifics a client provides the more targeted Rose's consultation becomes.

The second step, an on-site evaluation of the interior and exterior of the home or workplace is undertaken.  Photographs and sketches are taken as needed. All factors from the buildings site plan, to landscaping, to the design of all elements within the field of vision become integral parts of the equation.

The third step entails a highly detailed professional report, that includes suggested recommendations for improving the physical and emotional dimensions of the space. In short, Rose provides the essential step to remake your environment into a positive force that will facilitate in the achievement of your goals.

  • Using a lifetime of acquired skills and wisdom, Rose can evaluate the situation, pinpoint negative conditions and offer solutions to help you find answers to your life issues.
  • Rose will apply the solutions toward the expert refinement of your home or office without major investments in new furniture.
  • Opening the energy flows to stage your home or office for resale.
  • Start creating your luck, your goal is within your grasp



Rose Lettiere, Feng Shui Consultant
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