Private coaching sessions are available by phone for those who wish to increase their personal power and develop a blueprint for a successful life, career, business, or relationship.

Rose, a Clairvoyant has developed a unique blending of life enhancing systems that will create positive change effectively. Drawing the best from each system creates a short cut toward getting to the root cause of emotional issues leading to the development of self realization.


Each session will vary according to your needs in the blending of modalities to be applied. They may incorporate the principles of Neurolinguistic programming, Brain re-patterning exercises, creative visualization and specific energy enhancing techniques. You will increase your ability to direct your focus, develop a creative process in creating your day in strength and balance calmly. You will begin to develop your own personalize set of tools for you to draw upon as life situations arise.

Client Quotes:

“Working with Rose is going to school for the soul. Rose guides you to explore the many facets of yourself. Learning from each situation one encounters you suddenly find yourself growing into yourself and Rose does this very gently but with firm guidance and a lot of love. Her expanse of knowledge always amazes me. A.T.”

“I have been working with Rose Lettiere for over 2 years. I often refer to her as my life coach. She has helped me on my journey to find the real me. The powerful, self reliant confident me! I had in me all along. I have also learned how to read all the different levels of communication around me. She has been an objective person in my life she has a special intuitive and insightful ability which has helped me greatly in many of my work and home situations. If I had to sum it up I would say she is my intuitive coaching therapist. I don’t know what I would do with our her but with her help over the past couple of years I know I could survive and thrive. J.K. Rallo”

“I was at a new age store looking at new books and asked the owner if she new of anyone who could help me through a difficult time.  She gave me Rose’s card and it read “Feng Shui” master.  I said I needed a therapist/life coach/spiritual worker NOT a Feng Shui person.  She smiled at me and said, “Oh, now I am sure you need to see Rose”.  My journey with Rose has led me to my path.  Today, three years later, I am married, launching a magazine and developing a life that is enriched with meaning and purpose.  It is not always the easy path or the “short cut”.  Rose is truly a  light worker and a master. Her work is beyond traditional therapy.  You are fortunate to have Rose in your life. May your journey lead you to greater places in your personal history.  I wish you love, courage and faith. “

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